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Dear Man.

Welcome to your new hassle-free routine. Because
skincare shouldn't be scary and you deserve to
feel great.

True Brotherhood.

Rebel.Care exists for all men. For all ages and all skin types. No matter who you sleep with or how you like your eggs in the morning. We’re here for big brothers, stay-at-home dads, and the lone wolves. We’re here for sons that never listen, but always make us proud. We’re even here for that girlfriend who secretly empties our bodywash, ‘cause ours smells better.

Natural products.


No parabens.

No aluminium.

Planet friendly.

Own manufacturing.

Made in the Netherlands.

Cruelty free.


The Deo Fresh Cotton is amazing, I never had a smell so good!

Federico on Aug 18,2021

The full deo set.


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